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Mid-South Urgent Care in Cordova, TN understands that your health is important to you, and it’s important to us, too. Because your health matters, so does your healthcare. At Mid-South Urgent Care,  we provide you with the urgent care you need, and specialize in providing you with the care of a family physician. We can offer long-term solutions to your health problems with a short office visit. From weight loss methods to solutions for the all too common health setbacks we encounter daily.

Some of our healthcare services include:

Checkups and Wellness Physicals

Regular checkups and wellness physicals are a part of an overall healthy lifestyle. Mid-South Urgent Care is ready to help you keep that clean bill of health by helping you monitor your weight, heart rate, and other vital signs.

Allergy Testing

If you find yourself with watery eyes and a stuffy nose, then you probably are suffering from some allergies. Mid-South Urgent Care specializes in helping you uncover what has you down. Our needle-less allergy tests are painless and – best of all – effective at helping you discover what allergies you are susceptible to.

Weight Loss Plans/Medication

If you are struggling with your weight and can’t quite seem to get it under control, don’t be discouraged! There are a lot of people in your situation. The good news is that Mid-South Urgent Care has the tools to help you bring that desired weight into reality. Make an appointment with on our healthcare specialists to find out how we can help you in your journey to shed the pounds!

Flu Shots

No one likes flu shots – but then again no one likes getting flu either. Before flu season hits, get prepared with a flu shot at Mid-South Urgent Care. Our health care professionals can take care of your whole family in a single visit.

Lab Services

Nothing is more stressful than not knowing if you have a critical health care problem. Mid-South Urgent Care offers a variety of expedited lab tests and can often get results for you faster than any other local care clinic.

STD Testing

Mid-South Urgent Care specializes in providing a safe, secure and private environment when it comes to STD testing. Our team of professionals understand your privacy and your health are some of the most important parts of your life. If you have questions about STD’s and your health, then come by our clinic for a conversation. We are always ready to help you take the next step in your health journey.

Testosterone Injections

Feeling slow and worn down? Mid-South Urgent Care offers testosterone injection treatments for men who need that extra boost in their life again. Whether it’s for physical improvement or relationship problems, find out how a testosterone injection can help you boost your life.

B-12 Injections

B-12 Injections provide an additional supplement of vitamins that give you additional energy. That energy in turn can help you lead a more active lifestyle, meaning you burn away more calories. Mid-South Urgent Care can help you understand how B-12 injections can benefit your overall health.


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